Predefined projects
Predefined projects - 13 November 2018

1. Project ”Correctional”

Project Promoter: National Administration of Penitentiaries

Norwegian partners: Norwegian Correctional Academy (KRUS), Halden Penitentiary, Stavanger Penitenitary, Rogaland Probation Office, Østfold Probation Office

National partners: National Probation Directorate, Baia Mare Penitentiary, Botoşani Penitentiary, Vaslui Penitentiary, Târgu Mures Penitentiary, Târgu Ocna National School for Training Prison Staff.

Objective: the project aims at improving the capacity of the Romanian correctional services to contribute to the social reintegration of convicted persons, by facilitating their transition from prison towards the probation service and further into the community, through a close cooperation with the local authorities.

Thus, in order to achieve the envisaged objective, specialised intervention programmes for detainees and convicted persons under the supervision of the probation service will be developed, qualification courses for detainees will be carried out, awareness campaigns aimed at facilitating the social reintegration of convicted persons will be organised; at the same time measures will be implemented in order to strengthen the capacity of the probation and penitentiary systems to properly carry out their duties, by training their staff and ensuring the necessary conditions for the optimum performance of their tasks (revamping and endowment works). At the same time significant investments will be made in order to improve the penitentiaries infrastructure, by creating new detention spaces at 4 penitentiaries (Baia Mare, Botoșani, Târgu Mureș și Vaslui), with a view to ensure proper detention conditions, in line with the European standards.

Budget: 24.750.000 EUR

Implementation period: 56 months.

Project webpage:


2. Project ”Improving the correctional services in Romania by implementing the normality principle 4NORM (–ality)”

Project Promoter: National Administration of Penitentiaries

Norwegian partners: Norwegian Correctional Services, Norwegian Correctional Academy (KRUS), Hedmark Penitentiary.  

National partners: Ploieşti Penitentiary; Poarta Albă Penitentiary; Craiova Penitentiary; National School for Training Prison Agents in Târgu Ocna, National Probation Directorate, Babeș-Bolyai University

Objective: the project contributes to a better social reintegration of convicted persons, by reconsidering the social reintegration programmes and daily activities carried out by the convicted persons in 3 penitentiary units (Craiova, Ploiești, Poarta Albă), in order to increase their accountability prior and after their release.

Thus, in addition to the development of an accountability program for inmates and training of the prison and probation staff, detention and work conditions will be improved in the 3 penitentiary units mentioned above, by setting up 3 new detention sections and green houses, a secondary office of the Constanta Probation Office will be established at Poarta Albă Penitentiary, and the scientific research, study and analysis in the correctional field will be supported by setting up specialised structures within the National Administration of Penitentiaries and National Probation Directorate.

Budget: 7.700.000 EUR

Implementation period: 57 months.

Project webpage:

3. Project ”CHILD – Children’s Inclusion by Learning and Developing”

Project Promoter: National Administration of Penitentiaries

National partners: Târgu - Ocna Educational Centre, Târgu - Ocna Town Hall

Objective: the project aims at facilitating the social reintegration of minors and youngsters by improving the education and specific assistance provided by the Târgu Ocna Educational Centre.

The achievement of the project objective will be ensured by revamping and endowing the accommodation facilities (2 wings), medical facilities, workshops and spaces destined for the educational activities carried out at Târgu - Ocna Educational Centre. As well, special programs for minors and youngsters executing educational measures (vocational trainings, development and implementing a multisensory stimulation program for minors and youngsters with ADHD and learning difficulties) will be implemented, working standards for providing psychiatric assistance to the above mentioned minors and youngsters will be developed, procedures for the management of violent and aggressive behaviour of minors and youngsters will be drafted and implemented, the staff working with minors and youngsters executing an educational measure will be trained. Last but not least, a housing place designed for visits of the family members of the minors and youngsters will be set up and equipped and also a counselling methodology for families will be implemented.

Budget: 3.302.941 EUR

Implementation period: 64 months.

Project webpage:

4. Project ”Judicial Training and Capacity Building”

Project Promoter: Superiour Council of Magistracy

Norwegian partners: Norwegian Courts Administration

National partners: National Institute of Magistracy; National School of Clerks

Objective: the project aims at improving the enforcement of European legal concepts and strengthening the training capacity of the judiciary

This objective is envisaged to be achieved by carrying out activities such as: training of magistrates in specific fields of activity (public procurement, administrative and fiscal litigation, international judicial cooperation, hearing techniques for minors involved in judicial proceedings); training of non-legal professionals outside the judiciary in areas such as legal aid and other remedies to support vulnerable groups (including Roma) in order for them to learn their rights and improve their access to justice; purchasing modern equipment (IT and furniture) for the institutions within the judiciary (Superiour Council of Magistracy, National Institute of Magistracy; National School of Clerks and courts).

Budget: 4.100.000 EUR

Implementation period: 62 months.

Project webpage:

5. Project ”Fighting Criminality and Corruption”

Project Promoter: Prosecutor's Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice

National partners: National Anticorruption Directorate, Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism

Objective: The project aims at enhancing the capacity of the Public Ministry to better tackle criminality (including corruption and organized crime in all areas), thus contributing to the strengthening of the rule of law and of the capacity of the judiciary in its entirety.

This objective is envisaged to be achieved by conducting an analysis with recommendations for improvement regarding the allocated resources, the existing procedures and the results obtained in the field of financial investigations; by training about 800 prosecutors, judicial police officers and other specialized personnel in the fight against organized crime and corruption in public administration, public procurement, communication and hearing techniques, financial tax fraud, money laundering, migration and counter-terrorism, etc.; but also by exchanging good practices with their counterparts in Norway.

Additionally, specific technical equipment for carrying out criminal investigations will be purchased, in line with the latest developments/trends in the field for to carrying out criminal investigations.

Budget: 4.250.000 EUR

Implementation period: 65 months.

Project webpage:


6. Project ”Supporting the implementation of the Istanbul Convention in Romania” 

Project Promoter: National Agency for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men

Norwegian partners: the Secretariat of the Shelter Movement, Saint Olavs University Hospital, Dept. of Brøset Center for Reasearch and Education in Forensic Psychiatry (Brøset Hospital) – Norvegia

Objective: The project aims at improving the capacity of the Romanian authorities to implement the Istanbul Convention.

This objective is envisaged to be achieved by carrying out activities such as: conducting of a nation-wide survey on the prevalence of different forms of violence against women, evaluating the capacity of Romanian authorities to fully implement the national policy as regards combating domestic violence and violence against women, elaboration of working instruments and methodologies for the use of specialists in the field, followed by the training of specialists involved in preventing and fighting domestic violence and violence against women, including as regards the discrimination of Roma women and women with disabilities. As well, 10 centres for sexual violence victims and 8 counselling centres for perpetrators will be set up and a campaign for preventing domestic violence and violence against women will be conducted among the general population as well as the Roma population.

Budget: 2.500.000 EUR

Implementation period: 63 months.

Project Webpage:

7. Project „Protecting victims of crime”

Project Promoter:  Prosecutor's Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice

Project partners: European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) and 5 Social Assistance Services in Bucharest, Romania

Objective: The objective of the project is to improve the support of the victims of crime during criminal proceedings, by an analysis of victims’ protection and assistance mechanisms (including victims of Roma ethnicity) in Romania, in light of latest evolutions at EU level, an analysis on the way in which Romanian authorities investigate hate crimes, further specialising prosecutors in the investigation of cases involving minors as victims and setting up special rooms for hearing children victims of crime.

Budget:  2.000.000 EUR

Implementation period: 28 months.



8. Project „A Safe and Educated Community Undertaking Responsible Engagement-SECURE”

Project Promoter: National Administration of Penitentiaries

National partners:  Ministry of Justice and Mărgineni Penitentiary.

Objective:  Increasing the inmates’ responsibility and of their chances to be reintegrated into society.

The project provides for carrying out an in-depth analysis of the causes of recidivism in Romania, and the elaboration of a national strategy and an associated action plan for the prevention of recidivism, based on the said analysis. At the same time, the services and infrastructure of Mărgineni Penitentiary will be modernized, through the building of 52 new detention places and various social reintegration spaces (e.g. 4 classrooms, 1 sports room, 1 greenhouse), the organization of qualification courses for inmates, and the further specialization of prison staff in applying new methods of social reintegration. 

Budget: 1.700.000 EUR

Implementation period: 37 months.

Project webpage:


9. Project „ VERA - Positive change through integrated action in turbulent times”

Project Promoter:  National Agency for Men and Women Equality

Project partners: non-governmental organisations from Romania: Center for Training and Evaluation in Social Work, Sensiblu Foundation, “Necuvinte” Association, Center for Community Safety and Mediation Center, Association for Socio-Economic Development and Promotion - CATALACTICA

Objective: The objective of the project is to improve the capacity of the local authorities to provide better and adequate support for the victims of domestic and gender-based violence (DGBV), by training the specialists of the mobile teams and the specialists of the domestic violence departments at county level, and will be developed working instruments to support their activity. A study that will analyze the situation at county level as regards the strategies and local action plans in the field, the evolution of the DGBV phenomenon, the practice and trends, social services, protection measures (e.g. protection order), legal counselling, psychologic support, labour market, etc.

Budget: 823.529 EUR

Implementation period: 22 months.

10. Project „The evaluation of the implementation of the National Anticorruption Strategy 2016-2020 and the development and recommendations for future steps”

Project Promoter: Ministry of Justice

Project partners: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 

Objective: The objective of the project is to support the Romanian authorities in developing the new, strategic, post 2020 anti-corruption policy. The activities include performing the ex-post evaluation of the National Anticorruption Strategy (NAS) 2016-2020, formulating recommendations for a post-2020 strategic document and improving the technical capacities of the Ministry of Justice to monitor the implementation of the anticorruption standards.

Budget: 495.000 EUR

Implementation period: 32 months

Project webpage:

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