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Welcome to the official web page of the Programme Operator (Romanian Ministry of Justice) for the “Justice”financing programme under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

Press release regarding the signing of the financing contract for the project “Protecting victims of - 03 February 2022

Press release regarding the signing of the financing contract for the project “Protecting victims of crime”, financed by “Justice” Programme – Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021  

The Romanian Ministry of Justice, through Mr. Mihai Paşca, Secretary of State, signed on January 28th, 2022 the financing contract for the project "Protecting victims of crime" with the Prosecutor's Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (POHCCJ),

The project is funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, within the “Justice” Programme, managed by Romanian Ministry of Justice as a Program Operator.

The project budget is 2,000,000 EUR, of which 85% is Norwegian grant, and 15% is national co-financing, and has a 27 months duration. The project will be implemented by POHCCJ, as project leader, in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Justice, through the Department for Crime Prevention , and also with the General Directorates of Social Assistance and Child Protection in Bucharest, districts 2 to 6, and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights – FRA.

The project’s objective is to strengthen the rule of law by ensuring an efficient, accessible and qualitative criminal justice system for children as victims of crime and for victims of hate crime, with a special focus on Roma population. Within the project, 35 rooms will be set up for the hearing of children victims of crime - 30 at the level of prosecutor's offices, and the others at the level of the five General Directorates of Social Assistance and Child Protection in Bucharest. These areas are much needed in Romania as they are vital for observing children's rights and for obtaining complete and useful testimonies, minimising as much as possible their trauma and risk of revictimization. The premises will offer the children an environment of safety and confidence during criminal proceedings whereas they will be provided with the necessary psychological support, considering the specifics of their age, their particularities of development, and abilities. The endowment with audio - video technique for recording the hearings will be also secured in order to avoid as much as possible the repeated interrogation of minors.

The main activities that will take place within the project are:
-carrying out thematic analyses of the existing situation and making recommendations for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the legal proceedings  applied by prosecutors in the investigation of cases, taking also into account the challenges the Roma population faces;
- elaboration of guidelines (identification, investigation and prosecution of hate crimes/ hearing of children victims of crime and investigation and prosecution of crimes against them);
- training of prosecutors and other professionals, etc.

We mention that by entering into force, on October 14th, 2016, of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Kingdom of Norway and the Government of Romania, the Ministry of Justice has been appointed Program Operator for the "Justice" Programme, financed by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. As such, the ministry manages a financial allocation of 57,294,118 EUR (85% Norwegian grant and 15% national co-financing) during 2018–2024.

Supporting the victims of sexual violence - 06 September 2021

The project „Supporting the implementation of the Istanbul Convention” funded by the Norwegian Finacial Mechanism 2014-2021 is implemented by the National Agency for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men in partnership with Secretariat of Shelter Movement and the Brøset Departament of St. Olav’s University Hospital from Norway.

The project aims at establishing 10 integrated centres for victims of domestic violence in Bucharest, Slobozia, Timișoara, Craiova, Sibiu, Brăila, Piatra-Neamț, Bacău, Constanta and Satu Mare. These centres will provide a wide range of services, consisting of medical, post-traumatic and emergency care, psychological counselling, legal assistance and social services.

The first centre for victims of domestic violence has been launched in May 2021 in Bucharest, at the University Emergency Hospital. This is a first step towards changing the perception the perception regarding cases of sexual violence against women and change the way intervention in these situations. Each of these centres will provide integrated services, such as medical and forensic examinations, post traumatic assistance, guiding and counselling to overcome the situation at risk.

The launching of the Bucharest centre is presented in detail on the official webpage of the Norway Grants, available at:

Press release on the organisation of the Webinar on Prevention and Reduction of Recidivism - 30 June 2021


Press release on the organisation of the Webinar on Prevention and Reduction of Recidivism in preparation of the implementation of the project „A Safe and Educated Community Undertaking Responsible Engagement – SECURE”- Justice  Programme, Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021

On June 24, 2021 the webinar on „Prevention and Reduction of recidivism" was organised by the Romanian Ministry of Justice and the Norwegian Department of Correctional Services, partners in the Justice programme, funded under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. It aimed at presenting national perspectives and approaches of international organizations in terms of defining and assessing the recidivism rate and ways to reduce it. Speakers from Canada, Poland, Romania, as well as experts from the Council of Europe and the Permanent European Conference on Probation (CEP), participated to the webinar.

Given that the topic of recidivism has been tackled by two projects financed under the Justice Programme, having the National Administration of Penitentiaries and National Probation Directorate as beneficiaries, in which a method of calculating/determining the recidivism rate will be developed as part of the assessment of trends in the prison population and a strategy for prevention of recidivism will be elaborated, the webinar was a useful exchange of experience and an opportunity for future partnerships and joint initiatives in this area.

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