The "Justice" Programme - 15 November 2018


Objective: Strengthening the rule of law


Programme areas:

Ø  correctional services (penitentiary and probation system);

Ø  efficiency and effectiveness of the judiciary, strengthening the rule of law;

Ø  domestic violence and gender-based violence.


Budget: € 54,352,941 (out of which € 46,200,000 Norway grant and € 8,152,941 national co-financing of 15% ensured by the Program Operator - Ministry of Justice)


Programme Partners:

Ø  The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security

Ø  The Norwegian Courts Administration

Ø  Directorate of Norwegian Correctional Services


International partner organization: Council of Europe

Programme duration: 2016-2024

The program will be implemented through 10 predefined projects

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